Sewer Line & Drain Line Repair

Sewer Line and Drain Line RepairThird Coast Plumbing is the company to call for issues you are having with your sewer lines or drain lines. Our team of skilled plumbers are available in Santa Fe and League City, TX. Contact us today for a free estimate to find out whether the sewer line in your home needs to be repaired.

Signs of Problems

An issue with your sewer line won’t go unnoticed for long. Here are some things to look for when trying to determine whether your sewer line has been damaged.

Slow Drains

A common sign of sewer or drain line issues are slow drainage in your home. A build up of debris in the sewer line will cause your drains to empty at a slower rate. Another indication is odd sounds coming from the drain. If you hear strange gurgling sounds coming from drains or the toilet, call to have the sewer line inspected.

Sewage Backup and Odor

A broken line can lead to sewage backing up through the drains in your toilet, shower, or bathtub. This will be noticeable in all the lower drains in your home since they all drain out through the main sewer line. If it appears that only one drain is backed up or running slow, then drain repair is limited to just that one. A damaged pipe will allow the smell of sewage to escape. If you can smell sewage in or near your home then it is likely that the sewer line is broken and in need of repair.

Damage Causes

So what causes these sewer lines and drain lines issues? A common cause of damage is lack of maintenance of the plumbing. Debris and tree roots can cause blocks and breakage that can only be found through regular inspections and maintenance.The ground shifting due to extensive drought and/or rain can cause foundations to crack, and the sewer lines to crack along with them. Older plumbing is more susceptible to wear and tear which could also lead to damage being done over time. We recommend having maintenance done in order to a have a professional check the integrity of the pipes so you have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to wake up to a flooded bathroom because of unknown sewer or drain line issues.

For more information about sewer line or drain line repairs, call Third Coast Plumbing today at (281) 910-4888. We inspect and repair sewer lines in Santa Fe and League City, TX. Our team is available for free estimates to help you get the plumbing pipes in your home back in order.