Sewer and Drain Stoppage

a cracked concrete foundation, slab leak repairIf your home sits on a concrete slab foundation, slab leaks are a possibility. These leaks aren’t easily detectable when they first begin, because they start beneath the concrete itself. Given enough time, they can cause the foundation to shift and crack. Call us today to schedule an inspection to see if your home needs a slab leak repair in Santa Fe and League City, TX, or throughout the Houston Bay Area.

Slab Leak Causes

Slab leaks sometimes occur simply because of the location of the home. Places like Santa Fe and League City, TX, where the ground is notorious for expanding and contracting during alternate periods of heavy rain and drought, are more likely to produce slab leaks. Here are some other frequent causes:

Bad installation. If your foundation or plumbing system was installed incorrectly the first time, it will be more prone to foundation leaks. This is because the pipes are more likely to bend over time, leading to leaks or even bursting. The quickly-escaping water then pools beneath the foundation, causing pressure and flooding the soil, which can lead to foundation damage.

water and mold damage from slab leak, slab leak repairAcidic water. In order to be healthy for your pipes, your water must have a proper pH balance. If the water is too acidic, it will corrode the pipes faster than balanced water would. Once this damage has begun, the pipes will rapidly deteriorate, leak, and burst under pressure.

High water pressure. High water pressure is another potential cause of slab leaks. If the pipes beneath your home are too small, they can become overly pressurized and burst at the joints. The water will soon saturate the ground beneath the foundation, and could potentially cause your floors to become uneven. Bulges in the flooring can make walls and doorways shift, and the list goes on.

Your Slab Leak Repair Experts

If you suspect that you might need a slab leak repair or have some type of sewer stoppage in Santa Fe and League City, TX, or anywhere throughout the Houston Bay Area, give us a call right away. An unaddressed leak can cause mold growth, which is an air quality and health hazard.

We know that detecting slab leaks and drain stoppage can be pretty tricky and we don’t want to interrupt your life to find what’s going on. This is why we also offer complimentary video camera inspections with any sewer stoppage, when possible. So be sure to call us at any time, 24/7, with your plumbing repair needs! (281) 910-4888