Gas Line Repair Service

Gas Line RepairFor gas line repair in Santa Fe and League City, TX, call Third Coast Plumbing. Our team of professional plumbers is available to inspect and repair gas line leaks to ensure your home is safe and free of toxic fumes. Call a plumbing technician immediately if you think there may be a gas leak in your home.

Gas Line Inspection

Natural gas is a common source of power in most homes, but it poses health and safety risks if it is not maintained and inspected regularly. Having a professional come out to inspect the gas line in your home will help eliminate the dangers of gas leaks by finding and fixing the problem before it can cause any damage. The common source of a gas leak is normally found in water heaters, fireplaces, or furnaces. We recommend having an inspection done at least once a year.

Gas Leak Detection

Natural gas on its own has no odor or color, making it extremely difficult to detect a problem with the gas pipes in your home. Today, gas suppliers add a sulfur-based odor to the gas to help homeowners notice a dangerous leak. If you smell a strong rotten egg odor in your home, chances are it is a gas leak. It is important to have anyone on the premises leave and remove pets living in the building that may have a potential gas leak due to the risk of fire and exposure to carbon monoxide. If possible, shut off the main gas valve before leaving the house. Do not attempt to use any form of electricity inside the house until the leak has been found and the house is clear of dangerous fumes.

You should always have a licensed professional inspect gas lines and make any necessary repairs. Working with natural gas can be dangerous and it is critical to have training in dealing with gas lines and the risks that they carry. If you need to have the gas lines in your home inspected, call Third Coast Plumbing today (281) 910-4888. We are available for gas pipe inspections and repair in Santa Fe and League City, TX.